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Tax Law | Tax litigation of high complexity

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Victor has more than 10 years of experience in prestigious Brazilian law firms, assisting Brazilian and foreign clients on the conduction of its tax cases. Practicing in thousands of cases involving processual and material issues of high complexity, Mr. Nascimento obtained vast background and technical knowledge in the area.

Representing companies on the administrative and judicial sphere, Mr. Nascimento is involved in all phases of the case, since the draft of the defense or lawsuit, until the presentation of oral arguments during the trial. He also has experience with federal, state, and municipal taxes.

By understanding that excellence in conducting tax cases involves not only the technical knowledge, but also a deep and active connection with the various departments of the companies and with the corresponding administrative and judicial authorities, Victor has great sensitivity and communication skills.

Mr. Nascimento has already represented companies in the most varied sectors of the economy, such as telecommunications, food and beverage, energy and manufacturing industry, obtaining excellent results, such as the cancellation of tax assessments, injunctions for the suspension of tax credits and replacement of warranties.


  • Favorable decision in lawsuit involving the discussion of the relativization of res judicata.
  • Judicial decision revoking a previous administrative decision that increased FAP’s rate to a beverage industry.
  • Injunction suspending the charge of IPI on the sale of vehicles to disable person.
  • Advised on administrative dispute involving the calculation of Corporate Income Tax of the company, which as granted by a special tax regime (SUDENE).
  • Advised on administrative dispute involving the calculation of Corporate Income Tax of a company subjected to a special tax regime (SUDENE).
  • Represented pharmaceutical company against tax assessment issued to charge ICMS-ST in interstate operations.
  • Favorable decisions against tax assessments issued by the State of São Paulo to charge ICMS credits in the scope of the fiscal war between the States.


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  • Julgamentos tributários virtuais no STF, JOTA, 2020
  • Princípio da duração razoável do processo e da celeridade processual: Os impactos para os contribuintes da demora de julgamentos de teses tributárias no STF, 2020.


  • Master’s degree in tax law, Fundação Getúlio Vargas (2020).
  • Tax specialist course, Instituto Brasileiro de Direito Tributário (2014).
  • LL.B, Universidade de São Paulo (2012).


  • Portuguese and English.