Practice Areas
Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Administrative Law, Public-Private Partnerships and Infrastructure, Mining Law, and Energy Law.

Cláudio Köhler has extensive experience as a business and diplomatic leader, having served as Honorary President of the Brazil-Germany Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Rio de Janeiro, CEO of Vale Gold S.A., and Ambassador to Germany for SINAVAL. His contributions have strengthened the trade relations between Brazil and Germany while driving the development of the industries involved.

In addition to his remarkable business career, Köhler is a renowned lawyer with a prominent presence in prestigious law firms in Rio de Janeiro. His expertise in corporate law is evident in his publications, such as the book “Nebenabreden im Gmbh – und Aktienrecht – Zulässigkeit und Wirkung.” Furthermore, his involvement in legal and social institutions, such as the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation and the Board of Trustees of Instituto Mais, demonstrates his commitment to professional development and contribution to society. Through his various achievements, Köhler has established himself as a distinguished professional whose dedication and experience have made a significant impact across different sectors.


  • Doctor of Law by University of Köln, Germany.
  • Law Degree by Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro.


  • Author of “Nebenabreden im Gmbh – und Aktienrecht – Zulässigkeit und Wirkung” (Parasocial Agreements in the Law of Limited Liability Companies and Joint Stock Companies – Effectiveness and Enforceability), published by Peter Lang in Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, New York, Paris, and Vienna.
  • Author of “Bônus de Subscrição” in Revista dos Tribunais, vol. 641, São Paulo.

Professional association

  • Former President and currently Honorary President (for life) of the Brazil-Germany Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Rio de Janeiro (President from 1995 to 1998).
  • CEO of Vale Gold S.A. – Precious Metals Mining Company, N. Sra. do Livramento, Mato Grosso (2020-2023).
  • Ambassador to Germany for SINAVAL – National Union of the Construction and Repair of Naval and Offshore Industries, Rio de Janeiro (2011-2023).
  • CEO of AZPEC – Mato Grosso Export Processing Zone Administrator (2018-2021).
    Senior Partner at Köhler & Mourão Advogados, Rio de Janeiro (1995-2023).
    Experience at Castro, Barros, Sobral e Xavier Advogados Law Firm, Rio de Janeiro (1986-1995).
  • Specialist in Corporate Law at Esser Rechtsanwälte Law Firm, Aachen, Germany (1990-1993).
  • Member of the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, Dallas.
  • Member of the Deutsch-Brasilianische Juristenvereinigung, Hamburg.
  • Ambassador to Brazil for ALRV/CHIO – Concours Hippique Internationale Officiel (FEI), Aachen (2014-2016).
  • Member of the Board of Trustees of Instituto Mais – Monteiro Aranha social initiatives, a merger of the São Joaquim Social Assistance Foundation and the Marquês de Salamanca Institute, Rio de Janeiro.


  • Portuguese, German, English, Spanish and French.