Schmidt, Valois,
Miranda, Ferreira & Agel

Solid academic and professional experience in Brazil and abroad.

Following the international standard of the most important law firms, Schmidt Valois Advogados was the first Brazilian law firm dedicated to natural resources and infrastructure, focusing on oil, natural gas, energy, mining, water resources, sanitation, construction and operation of ports, terminals, platforms, vessels, pipelines, offshore equipment, roads and highways, railways, project finance and financing.

Also, Schmidt Valois Advogados has expertise in retail activities, sports, technology, telecommunications, aviation, and packaging. The firm understands the importance of these dynamic and competitive sectors and is prepared to provide specialized legal services and strategic solutions.

Schmidt Valois Advogados is widely recognized by the market for its creative approach, ethics, and quality in providing services in all the areas mentioned above. With a highly qualified and dedicated team, the firm is ready to face complex legal challenges and provide tailor-made solutions for its clients, always targeting their interests and objectives.


We act with transparency, agility, and intelligence, always ready to meet the most diverse needs of our clients.


Each client is unique, and their business should be deeply understood and experienced by our lawyers.

Arbitration and
Dispute Resolution

Our services include the examination of strategies for
the definition of the most efficient arbitration procedure
for the resolution of disputes.

Compliance e
Corporate Governance

The experience of our lawyers – who are trained in
anticorruption antitrust and compliance-related matters
in Brazil and abroad.

Civil and Corporate

We have an experienced and qualified team able to provide top-level services in the civil, commercial and business litigation areas, working with creativity, initiative,
agility and assurance in a variety of subjects.

Labor Law

Regarding the consulting area, we offer legal advice to national and foreign companies operating in Brazil, in matters involving individual and collective rights.

Public, Administrative
and Regulatory

The organization of regulatory agencies in Brazil has been essential for the national and international investments in infrastructure, public concessions and natural resources sectors in the country.

M&A e Joint Ventures

The involvement of the Schmidt, Valois, Miranda, Ferreira, Agel team in M&A transactions for acquisition of assets, particularly in the
infrastructure and public service sectors, dates back to the early 1980s,
when the privatization process of federal and state companies began.

Enviroment and

The approach of the legal aspects related to the area is developed under an interdisciplinary view, associated to an ethics concern, which enables us to identify new opportunities and solutions in the creation and sustainable development of projects.

Private Equity

The industry of investment funds, especially the private equity segment, is dynamic and creative, when the goal is to seek profitability for its clients.

Intelectual Property

The firm provides consulting services involving foreign and domestic trademarks and patents, copyrights, technology transfer and know-how.

Corporate & Contracts

The level of complexity of corporate documents depends on the business context. This is why corporate documents must be clear and well drafted, reducing the risk of conflicting interpretations.


The team acts in the litigation area, both within the judicial sphere filing actions for requesting repetition of indebtedness, annulment of tax debts, writs of mandamus, defenses in tax enforcements and in the administrative litigation

Schmidt, Valois, Miranda, Ferreira & Agel was founded in 2007 by partners of the most traditional Brazilian firms, with sound academic and professional experience in natural resources and infrastructure projects in Brazil and abroad.