Practice areas

Labor law

Schmidt, Valois, Miranda, Ferreira & Agel has a team with considerable experience in issues related to Labor and Employment Law, such as occupational health and safety programs and high-impact corporate crisis management (large-scale work accidents, environmental incidents, strikers etc.). Regarding the consulting area, we offer legal advice to national and foreign companies operating in Brazil, in matters involving individual and collective rights, including support in merger and acquisition operations, review of variable compensation plans (profit sharing, commissions, stock options, withholding plans, as well as voluntary dismissal).

We draft opinions and consultations on both traditional labor law issues and those focused on new technologies and innovations, “Bring your own device” policies, use of Wi-Fi and devices provided by the employer, employee monitoring, among others.

We are able to reach collective bargaining agreements with unions as well as to file collective dispute against the Union before the labor courts.

We work in high complexity litigation, defining strategies of judicial and administrative defenses, monitoring all procedural phases, including Superior Courts arguments.

We represent our clients in administrative procedures such as Investigatory Procedures, Public Civil Investigations as well as in Labor Class Actions filed by the Labor Prosecution Office and by Unions, among others.

We advise on arbitration proceedings, including the execution of confidentiality, non-solicitation and noncompetition clauses.

Our main goal is to seek creative solutions focused on the clients’ business, capable of reducing or minimizing risks and costs.

How we can help:

  • Judicial and administrative litigation: assistance on collective and individual labor lawsuits, in all stages of the procedure, including oral arguments before the Superior Courts. Defense in labor administrative procedures such as Notice of Infractions, Preparatory Procedures, Public Civil Investigations and Class Actions filed by the Labor Prosecution Office and/or unions.
  • Preparation of legal opinion on labor law traditional themes, as well as those related to occupational health and safety, new technologies, personal data protection standards, “Bring your own device” policies, work from home etc.
  • Assistance in the management of corporate crisis involving employees (individually or collectively) such as large-scale work accidents, environmental incidents, strikes etc.
  • Assistance in the draft of and the review of codes of ethics and internal policies, including related to compliance.
  • Analysis of stock option plans, profit sharing and results, as well as restrict stock units (RSUs).
  • Support in merger and acquisition operations, both for the preparation of due diligence, as well as in the subsequent equalization of positions, salaries and harmonization of benefits. Advice in corporate reorganization procedures and transfer of employees between companies.
  • Collective negotiation and related litigation (agreements, conventions and collective disputes).
  • Assistance in arbitration proceedings, including the execution of confidentiality, non-solicitation and noncompetition clauses.