Practice Areas

Corporate & Contracts

The level of complexity of corporate documents depends on the business context. This is why corporate documents must be clear and well drafted, reducing the risk of conflicting interpretations. The same applies to the various different types of contracts. Contracts must safeguard rights and contain clearly drafted provisions in order to be fully performed.

Schmidt, Valois, Miranda, Ferreira, Agel has a team of professionals dedicated to providing legal services in corporate law and contracts, working closely with other teams within our firm such as our tax and labor practice groups. Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to achieve solutions to the concrete case with greater speed and efficiency, which translates into competent and fast services.

We serve clients in many segments of the goods and services industry, including segments that require specific knowledge and experience such as oil & gas and energy. We also have a team of professionals specialized in foreign investments that provides all the support needed to ensure compliance with the rules issued by the Central Bank of Brazil.

How we can help:

  • Drafting of corporate documents in general (organizational documents, articles of incorporation, amendments to articles of organization, minutes of partners’ meetings, documents related to mergers, consolidations, spin-offs and change of company type, shareholders’ agreements and partners’ agreements).

  • Registration of corporate transactions on the Central Bank of Brazil information system (SISBACEN).

  • Advice on and attendance of partners’ meetings; representation of partners or shareholders in corporate disputes.

  • Advice on corporate restructuring, including consolidations, acquisitions and joint ventures.

  • Advice on succession and family business planning.

  • Drafting of commercial contracts in general (lease, purchase and sale of real property/products, supply, distribution, and service agreements).

  • Drafting of contract amendments and terminations.