Practice Areas


The Tax team of Schmidt, Valois, Miranda, Ferreira & Agel is composed by seasoned professionals with large experience and sound performance in tax consultancy and litigation matters. The local, state and federal taxes that burden business activity are at the core of the practice.

The team acts in the litigation area, both within the judicial sphere filing actions for requesting repetition of indebtedness, annulment of tax debts, writs of mandamus, defenses in tax enforcements and in the administrative litigation, with the preparation and submitting of written and verbal defenses.

In addition, the firm provides full and customized services on tax consultancy, to wit:  legal opinions, national and international tax planning, corporate restructure and preventive advisory, with the purpose of eliminating fiscal risks and contingencies.

Traditionally, Schmidt, Valois, Miranda, Ferreira & Agel has the accurate understanding of its clients’ business in order to correctly apply the national and international tax legislation, enabling creative, safe and consistent guidance on economically positive fiscal structures, which is executed on a practical and objective basis, supported by a deep theoretical knowledge.

How we can help:

• Preventive Advisory.

• Preparation of opinions.

• National and international tax planning.

• Administrative and judicial litigation within the local, state, federal and social security spheres.

• Due diligence and procedure review.

• Advisory on transfer price.

• Support in areas such as importation and exportation, infrastructure projects, project finance, mergers and acquisitions, arbitration, among others.

• Corporate restructure.

• Recovery and use of credits for unlawful collections of taxes, fees and contributions.

• Preparation of formal consultations to the Tax Authorities.