BNamericas – The energy sector’s ‘jabutis’ in Brazil’s congress

BNamericas published, yesterday (26/6), an article with our head partner in the energy sector, Guilherme Schmidt, discussing the ‘jabutis’ in the energy sector in Congress.

🔍 What are ‘jabutis’?
“Jabutis” are matters unrelated to the theme of a bill (PL), inserted to favor specific interests. These can increase costs for consumers and discourage investment.

📉 Impacts on the Energy Sector
Guilherme Schmidt highlighted the concern about “jabutis” in the PL of offshore wind farms, which could increase the cost of energy. Removing the gas price ceiling for thermoelectric plants could cost around R$16 billion.

🔥 Contradictions
The hiring of coal plants by 2050 contradicts the proposed energy transition. Other “jabutis” include extra spending for small hydroelectric plants and wind energy in the South.

🌐 International Comparison
Similar practices occur in the USA, known as omnibus bills.

🔗 Read the full article at the link:

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