Latin Lawyer promotes a roundtable on Brazil’s Tax Reform

In a recent roundtable hosted by Latin Lawyer, João Agripino Maia, our partner and head of the tax area, offered critical insights into Brazil’s ongoing tax reform. The tax reform is a pivotal move to streamline the notoriously complex Brazilian tax system and stands at the forefront of national economic discourse.

Maia’s analysis, deeply rooted in his extensive experience, underscores the reform’s potential to significantly reduce bureaucratic hurdles and boost overall economic productivity. He specifically highlighted the proposed shift to a VAT regime and the introduction of a full credit system, noting these changes as key drivers in the reform’s promise of simplification.

He noted, “The proposal brings about a great positive change, which is the simplification of the system. We are all practitioners here. We know how complicated the Brazilian tax system is. The adoption of the VAT regime and the full credit is also a great step – although these will depend on the complementary law.”

This reform is not merely a legal adjustment; it’s a stride towards a more efficient, business-accommodating tax landscape in Brazil. Maia’s optimism about the reform’s congressional approval reflects a broader anticipation for a more streamlined, business-friendly economic environment.

As the Congress passes the tax reform, its implications for both the legal and business sectors in Brazil are profound. Maia’s insights offer a valuable lens through which to view these impending changes, highlighting the reform’s potential to reshape Brazil’s economic future.

To access the full debate, feel free to visit the following link:

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